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Starting a business is not easy. It is very confusing to decide whether you want to be and LLC, corporation or one of the other many business entities. We will help you decide what business type will serve your legal needs.

We are experts when it comes to protecting your creativity. You worked hard to create a brand and an image and it needs to be legally protected. You probably came up with innovative solutions for your business that must be secured as well. Only an experienced patent and trademark attorney can ensure your secrets are protected under the law.

We are the business attorneys that local NYC residents have been trusting for years. We service all of NYC including all the five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Staten Island). Call our technology startup business attorneys today and learn more.

Your New Business (Startup) Needs A Lawyer

Launching a startup requires a trademark lawyer before you even start your business. Picking the name of your business/service/product is more than a matter of thinking of something memorable and creative. You need to make sure that the name you choose is something you can protect.

Avoid getting too attached to the first name you like, there is a good chance you’ll have to change it later on. Tech giant Apple is a good example of why you should take trademark laws seriously since they are constantly dealing with legal disputes over trademark issues-- The iPad trademark infringement case cost them $60 million.

Do not sign anything before speaking with a BAR Authorized NY Court Attorney:

  • Decide on a business/service/product name;
  • Pay for marketing and advertising;
  • Seek out media services for your business/service/product;
  • Spend any more money on promoting your business/service/product.

Why shouldn’t I register by myself?:

Because your time is valuable and hiring a trademark firm greatly increases your chances of getting a registration.

Aside from the fact that you need to acquaint yourself with the entire process and make sure you learn enough to be certain you’re doing it properly, the likelihood of your trademark application getting accepted increases by 50% if you are represented by lawyer.

There are different kinds of trademarks to choose from and the registration process for each one varies in difficulty. Save yourself some time and have an expert on trademark laws help you with trademark matters so you can focus on growing your business.

What’s the worse that could happen?:

Litigation of trademark disputes. Going back to the Apple example above, if you compare the costs of the services of a trademark attorney with the cost of a trademark dispute or the costs that come if you are forced to stop using your brand-name after years of cultivating trust and value through marketing and advertising efforts, the obvious choice becomes to work with a trademark attorney at the outset to minimize costs and risks.


Trademark laws are complex and overlooked. The initial costs of the services of a trademark attorney are cheap compared the costs of dealing with trademark issues. The more valuable your company or brand, the more expensive your trademark issues could potentially become. Once your choice for a startup business lawyer is set in stone you can begin working together and decide on plans to grow and expand the operation.

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Business Law 101: Startup Law Services Explained

So, you are a startup business. It's understandable that you are likely working on a low budget, probably from your own pockets, some friends and family members and an angel investor. The only thing you have your mind on is how to make your venture successful and make your brand known. You probably think “Lawyers cost way too much, is it really necessary? I’ve just started my business.”

Yes! Very important. Consulting a startup lawyer should be on your priority list. Until or unless your business is a shady one or you don’t mind getting involved in legal issues.

Incorporation & Partnership Agreements

Incorporating your business means creating a legal separation between the striving individual(s) and the business itself. This can shield you from needing to take liability for the business’s debts and much more. There are many types of business organizations like Sole Proprietorship, partnership, LLC and Corporation.

If the business has more than one founders, a Partnership Agreement needs to be drawn. This resolves future conflicts and litigation. Profit sharing, equity splits, decision making, and responsibility division are all handled here.

Protecting your Idea & Brand

At the beginning of most new startups, there is an idea that leads to development. The heart of your business. And the “heart” needs to be protected. Your lawyer can help you file relevant patent applications. This needs to be dealt with as soon as possible after you get started.

Then the brand name. It is visible how much time and effort it takes to get your brand recognition. What would you do if all of it was takes away by a similar group just because they had legal papers and you decided to keep them hanging on the “to do” list? Having a trademark is a fantastic method of protecting your brand.

Complying with Regulations

Depending on the nature of your startup business, you may be subjected to some regulations that affect your business. It is of utmost importance that you understand the FDA, environmental, zoning, pharmaceutical and the gamut of other regulations that may affect your businesses. An experienced startup lawyer can advise you on which regulations you need to comply, and how you can avoid fines for non-compliance.

When the stock is being issued for the company, complying with State and Federal Securities Regulations holds vital importance. Any issuance of equity instruments, whether to founders, seed investors, to venture capitalists or as stock options, must be registered with the relevant securities authority, disregarding some exceptions.

Employment issues

It is eminent that as your business grows, your company will start hiring employees and contractors. As such, employee agreements need to be drawn. Keep in mind that there are strict compensation requirements, such as minimum wage laws, with which you must comply. These extend even to unpaid internships.  A startup lawyer can help you with the do’s, don’ts, restrictions, and conditions of employee contracts.

It is understandable if you just scrolled through the most part. It means you understand little, but it’s clear that your startup needs a law service. Startup law services can be considered your next best counsel. They act more as advisors to startups helping them get set and ready to go.


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